Chikako Hanaoka

VP Business Development  

- SynZenBe

Chikako excels at working collaboratively and building connections between people of diverse backgrounds and experience. With 26 years of experience in textile R&D for the USA fashion apparel market, Chikako has been recognized several times for her ability to establish new core programs for major retail accounts. Her experience is in many segments of the industry including men’s and women’s apparel, uniforms, and contract interior textiles.  About herself, Chikako says: “My family has run a large cosmetic manufacturing business in Japan (for more than 115 years!). But, rather than join the “family business” as my father wanted, I chose to accept the challenge of working in the fashion industry in New York City – and am working to help improve the negative environmental impact on the world that the industry has had for generations.”

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