Elysha Schuhbauer


- Worth Mending

Elysha Schuhbauer is a textile artist and mender based in Kitchener, Ontario. Elysha explores visible mending as a way to forge a unique personal style while challenging fast fashion and finding value in everyday objects. Working with secondhand materials centres their unquenchable creative desires while maintaining an intentionally minimal environmental impact.

Elysha is the founder of mending and upcycling business Worth Mending, which focuses on spreading the good word of sustainability, slow fashion, and skill-building through visible mending workshops and the popular upcycled Swift Darning Loom. Elysha is also a passionate cyclist and naturalist who enjoys exploring the outdoors in any season looking for interesting birds, bugs, plants, fungi, and geography.

Find Elysha hosting workshops at Kitchener’s community makerspace Kwartzlab, organizing outings with KW Queer Birders, and online via @worthmending (worthmending.com).

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