Ilishio Lovejoy

Policy and Research Manager 

- Fashion Revolution

Ilishio Lovejoy is the Policy and Research Manager at Fashion Revolution, the world largest movement working towards a fairer, safer and more transparent fashion industry. She manages the research and creation of Fashion Revolution’s annual Fashion Transparency Index. Alongside this she represents the organisation in a number of stakeholder discussions and working groups including the UNECE Enhancing Traceability and Transparency for Sustainable Value Chains in Garment and Footwear working group. She is engaged in policy advocacy and recently supported Fashion Revolution’s work with a coalition of civil society organisations in the creation of a proposed EU level strategy for the textile and garment sector. Before joining Fashion Revolution Ilishio was the Sustainability Manager at Katherine Hamnett, The Production Manager (based in Ghana) at Osei-Duro and a researcher for the Fairtrade Foundation.

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