Jacqueline Sava

Director of Possibilities and Founder 

- Soak Wash Inc.

There’s the stuff you toss in the washer, like your jeans, T-shirts and the kids’ sweatshirts. Then there are the clothes you coddle. The ones that say “this is me.” That’s the stuff you take care of with Soak.

 Jacqueline Sava is the Director of Possibilities and Founder of Soak Wash Inc. Founded in 2006, Soak was a side-project for Jacqueline’s first business designing knitwear, and was created to fill a gap in the marketplace. Jacqueline identified that the care products available in retail environments at the time did not align with the clothing they were meant to wash.  And so, Soak was born—a premium laundry solution that customers grew to love and trust.

 An entrepreneur, designer, educator, author and volunteer, Jacqueline brings a vast array of skills to lead the Soak team. She holds a BFA in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as well as an MBA in Strategic Management from York University. From volunteering at clothing swaps to  continuing her education at the Google offices in Toronto by obtaining the CMO Academy certificate, and quilting and sewing in her spare time, Jacqueline puts Soak’s valuesinnovation, education, creativity, caring and community—into practice every day.  

Through Soak Wash Inc. (a proudly women-led company), Jacqueline has empowered individuals to take better care of their clothing by extending the life of their favorite pieces. With her passion for sustainability, and a deep understanding of the textile industry, Jacqueline has created a product that is both effective and environmentally friendly.

Our resellers are over 95% women owned businesses. Investing in Soak Wash Inc. is an investment in hundreds of women-owned and led business across the globe.

Made in Canada, Soak is free of dyes, phosphates, ammonia and harsh surfactants (the chemical that separates dirt from fibers). Plus, it’s 100% biodegradable, completely non-toxic, it’s never tested on animals, and comes in a bottle that’s fully recyclable. So it’s good for your clothes and the planet.

Totally #soakworthy.

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