Jordan Nodarse

Jordan Nodarse 

- Boyish Jeans

Jordan, a California native with a deep passion for sustainable practices in fashion, launched Boyish Jeans after more than a decade spent learning the ins and outs of the denim industry. Building his skills from the ground up, Jordan got his start by working hands-on with factories that manufactured the kinds of garments he was interested in creating. It was this highly technical training that allowed him to truly understand the process and the art of functional, high quality design. After working with several global brands such as Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, and Majorelle on their denim collections, Jordan was approached by Revolve to launch GRLFRND, which he developed from concept to a globally recognized denim brand. Following the successful debut of GRLFRND and several years spent perfecting the line, Jordan joined the Reformation team as Director of Denim & Special Projects, where he executed another successful launch for the first-ever Reformation denim collection – one that was sustainable and in line with his core design mission.

Sustainable practices in design and manufacturing remain central to Jordan’s vision when creating Boyish Jeans. Having seen firsthand just how polluting the fashion industry can be and how much water is required to create a single pair of jeans, he vowed to give the consumer a sustainable choice. Today, thanks to years of research and manufacturing study, Boyish Jeans offer shoppers a product that is not only less harmful to the environment but one that doesn’t compromise on design, quality, fit, and price point. Jordan has ensured that Boyish Jeans’ efforts in sustainable design include working with ethical factories, using less harmful chemicals during the dyeing process, utilizing one-third of the amount of water typically needed to produce a pair of jeans, and working exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials for everything put out by the brand. From hangtags and hardware to the polybags they are shipped in, everything put forth by Boyish Jeans is thought through to ensure there is minimal impact on our environment. Doing his part to reduce waste in the second most polluting industry in the world – fashion, Jordan aims to set the standard for production practices with Boyish Jeans and encourage others to join the movement.

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