Kamilah Sanders

Founder & CEO 

- Greater Than Equal

Kamilah Sanders is Founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal, an international whole person, vision-based leadership consulting and marketing strategy agency Making Impact Easy for creative social impact founders in the areas of sustainable fashion, artivism, equity, and climate justice. Greater Than Equal focuses on developing leaders; fostering collaborative impact; advancing fashion technology and entrepreneurship; and creating a paradigm shift among citizens to facilitate the creation of a sustainable, equitable supply chain.

Kamilah is an award winning professional with 20 years of experience in marketing and executive leadership; and over 10 years of experience in retail fashion apparel. A Remake Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader, and Catalyst 2030 member, Kamilah connects the worlds of BIPOC communities, governments, corporations, specialists, and citizens to amplify the voices of local artisans and marginalized communities. Kamilah also holds leadership positions on executive teams and boards of nonprofit arts organizations based out of the United States.

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