Kerri McKenzie

Material Innovations Lead 

- Arc'teryx

Originally from Canada, Kerri moved to Taiwan with her family when she was 10 years old and lived in Asia for over 15 years.

As a second-generation fashion industry professional, she launched her career as a garment merchandiser in Hong Kong. From there, Kerri moved to the UK and finally settled back in Canada to work and raise a family. She is the proud parent of a criminologist and a graphic designer.

A longtime resident of Vancouver with a passion for the outdoors, Kerri brings years of experience in textile sourcing, manufacturing, and development. Having worked at MEC for 10 years as a materials developer, Kerri moved on to Arc’teryx Equipment where she is focusing on material innovation for the brand. Sustainable textiles have been a passion area for Kerri throughout her career, and she continues to push for lower impact material solutions in her work.

Kerri has a passion for travel and is fortunate to work on site with global textile manufacturers. When at home, she spends her time exploring wild places, climbing mountains, and seeing how far she can go by bicycle.

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