Suzanne Siemens

Co-founder & CEO 

- Aisle

Suzanne is a CPA-turned-social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting social change through business. As the co-founder of Aisle (formerly Lunapads), she leads an award-winning impact venture that manufactures the most sustainable collection of menstrual products in the world. Thanks to customers using Aisle products, energy use and GHG emissions are reduced by 400% compared to disposables, while over 20 million pads and tampons are diverted annually from landfills. By designing products with equity in mind Aisle champions issues like period equity, trans inclusion and social justice. In 2017, Suzanne received Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Entrepreneurship for the Pacific region in Canada and for the past four consecutive years, Aisle has been honoured as a top 10% “Best for the World” B Corporation, recognition for their leadership in environmental, social and economic justice.

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