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Vicki Hall is a Sustainable Fashion Advocate and the Founder of She Shops Swap – Curated Fashion Swaps. 

Vicki’s fashion journey began in the blogging world, with successful ventures such as Mommy X, Glimmer Life, and most recently her namesake blog Her blogs have highlighted her interests in fashion, lifestyle and beauty and her ability to connect with an audience over the years. 

The creation of She Shops Swap as a platform for women to swap their preloved clothing pieces is a practical solution to a growing problem in the fashion industry: waste. By organizing these swap events, Vicki not only offers a sustainable alternative to buying new but also fosters a sense of community and shared values among participants. The success of these events, as seen through their continuation and expansion, speaks volumes about the growing interest and commitment to sustainable fashion practices among consumers. Since its inception in 2020, She Shops Swap has made a tangible impact by keeping clothing out of landfills and promoting a more sustainable approach to fashion consumption. 

Vicki is also very proud of her volunteer work at the Toronto International Film Festival as an Entourage Volunteer and at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

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