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My name is Wyatt Miller. I’m 19 years old and currently live in Saskatoon. I was raised in La Ronge Saskatchewan where I attended Churchill Community Highschool. In grade 9 I took a home economics class, where I learned how to sew, work with sewing machines, and create shorts from scratch, bags and much more! Around the same time, I joined the varsity football team, and eventually got the quarterback position. Following graduation, I started seeing people making clothing and flannels on TikTok and thought to myself, “why not give it a go”? So to start I took a pair of bootcut jeans and hand sewed them into skinny jeans! After that, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and started with my own clothing and tailored them to fit me again.

That first month of creating clothing was probably the best because I got to teach myself pretty much from scratch how to sew and operate a machine again! I eventually created my own apparel line and came up with the name SPARKED APPAREL because it described the spark people got in their eyes when they received their clothing! I then moved to Saskatoon so I could really get exposure and my name/brand out there and chase my dream! I just started getting the hang of everything when this CBC News Video came out about my brand! Ever since that video dropped in February 2022, so much has happened! I’ve moved my brand from my basement room to an office space downtown and I have a lot of new customers and followers!

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