Taylor Klick

Influencer Marketing and Digital Strategist

Taylor Klick brings her expertise to the Marketing Committee at Fashion Takes Action.

She is one of Canada’s most renowned influencer marketing and digital strategists. As CEO of ivvi, her creative and strategic approach has turned the company into a powerhouse, making a dent in the world of content creation and sustainable marketing. Driven by her passion to change the world, Taylor built the eco empire, Influence For Impact, a two-way full-service influencer marketing agency that works with creators and brands that care about their global impact.

Taylor works closely with leading companies, advising them on sustainably focused campaigns and influencer strategies. Her vertical strategy tactics have captured the attention of world giants such as adidas and Parley, to create viral movements for their sustainable mission.

Taylor enables creators to use their influence to make a real impact, to give back, all while building and growing their personal brand awareness. Her Influence For Impact conscious shops allow influencers to build their own empire through customizing and selling their own environmentally friendly branded products and to promote themselves as conscious entrepreneurs.

You can find her flying around the world educating top tier companies and speaking at conferences as a thought leader bridging the gap into building impactful influence. Her success and leadership has been recognized by elite world organizations like United Nations and Google. A philanthropist, supporter of many important causes and advocate of conscious campaigns, Taylor is proud to be on the cutting edge of mindful entrepreneurship.

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