Mechanical Textile Recycling Pilot

Building off our textile recycling report, our pilot set out to prove that we could make a consumer facing product via mechanical textile recycling - fully made in Canada.

We first created a local recycling supply chain with key partners, and then formed a national stakeholder learning group of apparel brands and retailers, industry associations, charities and private collectors, policy makers and municipalities, sorters and graders. The learning group joined us in our journey, at each stage of the process, to gain a deeper understanding and to think about how they could replicate or scale the pilot. In addition, we will be publishing a Guidance Document in spring 2023 so that the learnings from our pilot can be widely shared.

Starting with collection of polyester garments at Sport Chek stores in southern Ontario, our end product is a laundry hamper which will be available for sale this winter at Canadian Tire stores across Canada!

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