Life Cycle of a T-Shirt

Students learn about the life cycle of a t-shirt and its impact on the environment across the entire supply chain.

Clothes are being made and disposed of faster than ever before. From the design phase through to the end of a garment’s life, the process leaves a huge environmental footprint. The fashion supply chain is vast – with cotton grown in one country, then spun into a yarn in another, only to be made into fabric and then into a garment in other factories in other countries. So by the time a t-shirt lands on your back, it has (on average) traveled nearly 25,000km, or 5 times across Canada.

In this 60-75 minute live virtual workshop, students learn about the life-cycle of a t-shirt and its impact on the environment and biodiversity – from carbon emissions to water pollution to waste – at every step of the supply chain.

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