Behind the Seams with Zen Nomad

Zen Nomad is committed to using sustainably sourced, high quality fabrics with low impact dyes. Some limited edition items are even hand dyed with plants they often harvest themselves. Every creation is made to help customers move through their days with ease, comfort and style. Their philosophy is Peace in our bodies, Peace in our minds, Peace in our spirits.

We caught up recently with Zen Nomad founder Sonja den Elzen to learn more about their brand.

Tell us about your brand! Who are you and why did you create your clothing line?
Zen Nomad is a lifestyle brand that also includes yoga and movement. We focus on sustainable production methods, textiles and fair labour. We donate throughout the year to environmental causes that inspire us with their efforts to protect and nurture Mother Earth. We also do a Limited Edition Natural Plant Dye series that is constantly changing with the plants of the season, with plants we forage and grow.

How do your values shape your business?

Every decision in our business is based on our values, they go hand in hand and are naturally embedded in our thought process. I am constantly looking for new ways to be in better relationship with the earth and the people who help make our designs come to life.

What is your relationship to fashion and clothing?
It’s a lifelong thing. It started in my youth as a way to express myself, to be creative. It has evolved into draping and covering the body in a way that is harmonious with nature, and it’s natural forms and curves. To escape the rigid unharmonious lines of man overpowering nature, and instead be a part of flowing with nature.

What does the future of sustainable fashion look like to you?

Natural fibers, organically produced, and non toxic closed-loop cycles where needed. Appreciation for doing hand mending as a personal art form and clothing with stories of makers that become heirlooms. No clothing that leaves microbeads that destroy ocean and air.

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