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FTA’s Guide to Greening the JUNOS Red Carpet
SUSTAINABLE STYLE The JUNO Awards are taking place March 24th in Halifax this year, and it’s got us thinking about what the nominees will be wearing! When it comes to the red carpet, sustainability is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. But fashion plays a significant role at awards events like this […]
Climate Action Is What’s In Fashion
This past weekend saw the world mobilize in the demand for climate action in the Global March to End Fossil Fuels. Millions from across the globe took to the streets to unify in the call for climate action now. This weekend of action, filled with major international events hosted from September 15th to 17th, 2023, […]
The Future of Garment Production: 3D Knitting
In recent years, the textile and apparel industry has been forced to change its ways, with sustainability becoming a major priority. In 2022,  60% of consumers worldwide considered sustainability important when purchasing clothing (Statista, 2022). To support this effort, fashion brands look to innovative new methods in circular design that will help them reduce their […]
Revolutionizing Regenerative Agriculture: Empowering the Fashion Industry to Measure Impacts
Fashion Takes Action is excited to share this post from our friends over at Commonshare about the power of Regenerative Agriculture. ____________________________________ Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a promising environmental victory for the fashion industry, yet the lack of an industry-wide standard for its practical implementation and evaluation remains a significant challenge. However, Textile Exchange has stepped […]
Threads of Tradition: Indigenous Fashion’s Timeless Commitment to Sustainability
As we approach National Indigenous People’s Day, it is crucial to acknowledge the immense contributions indigenous peoples have made to the world of fashion. While sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years, indigenous communities in Canada have long been at the forefront of cultivating conscious and environmentally friendly practices. These communities have woven their […]
What the Modern Slavery Act Means for Canadian Apparel Brands
Certain apparel companies and other businesses across Canada are now required to report on the measures they are taking to guard against modern slavery in their supply chains through The Modern Slavery Act (also known as The Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act and formerly known as Bill S-211). The […]

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