Embracing the City Life & Shopping Local – #ShowLoveTO

Toronto is the focal point of many significant events in Ontario. It is home to multiple museums, art galleries, and various local businesses run by entrepreneurs. While the city may be home to major retailers, it is the local businesses that play a massive role in the local economy and contribute to the larger culture of the city. 

With the economy still recovering after a tough past two years, Mayor John Tory has launched a new initiative to promote local businesses, artists, and cultural sites. This is a year-long initiative showcasing the importance of local businesses in an ever-changing economy.

Given the limited social life in the past year, it is pretty clear that restaurants and small businesses have suffered significant losses. With a larger initiative like #ShowLoveTO, other initiatives like StrollTO were created to allow residents to discover the uncharted territory in their neighborhoods, explore shops, stops, and places that may have previously gone unnoticed. 

The importance of local businesses is often overlooked. While owning items from brands located overseas is exciting and has its benefits, shopping locally benefits the consumer and the small business located in your neighborhood. Several ethical companies located in Toronto have a long history that plays an essential role in the city’s cultural DNA. 

One that stands out among many others is Logan and Finley. This store is located in the heart of Toronto, carrying an array of ethical products with a promise to provide sustainable items for everyday use. In addition to being a store dedicated to providing items that are eco-conscious, many of their items are made by brands located in Canada, with over twenty brands situated in Toronto. Items vary from a line of sustainable clothing to accessories and homeware. 

Logan and Finley

Another store that stands out among many is The Good Tee. Founded by Adila Cokar in 2020, The Good Tee is a certified B corporation that uses certified fairtrade cotton sourced directly from India. The Good Tee manages its entire supply chain and believes in total transparency of slow production, ethical practices, and fair deals while simultaneously providing premium quality items. In addition to selling items wholesale, The Good Tee also carries a variety of clothing items from loungewear to athleisure and accessories to complete the look. 

The Good Tee

Furthermore, located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, Liberty Clothing carries a wide variety of eco-friendly clothing, including a collection of hemp merchandise. Founded and designed by Anna Joyce, Liberty Clothing is a fair-trade company that creates timeless pieces using sustainable practices. 

Liberty Clothing

So Torontonians – there are many stores in your neighborhood that can provide excellent quality items, from local entrepreneurs with a passion for creating a change in the fashion industry. Shopping locally this holiday season and purchasing items ethically from local stores helps the local economy thrive, lowers your carbon footprint, and allows you a chance to discover unique items in your neighborhood. 

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