Get Back to School with #LitterlessLunches

It’s back to school! It’s a hectic time for parents – buying new clothes, re-stocking supplies, and all the other little moving bits to help the kids have the best academic year. But there’s one thing you haven’t considered: waste-free lunches! Gasp. One more thing to do! If your student is at a school with a no-waste or “boomerang” lunch policy, we’re going to make it really easy for you to get what you need without doing another shopping trip!

But first, why is this even important? Every morning, we send our kids to school with disposable packaged lunches. It has been estimated by Waste Free Lunches, that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. That equates to 18,760 pounds of waste for just one average-sized elementary school. All that from fish-cracker packages and juice boxes!

This back to school season we encourage you to think about how you can create waste free lunches for your child every day in an effort to reduce waste. Eco-friendly companies have got on their thinking hats and brought us a variety of products that keep food fresh without contributing to the lunchroom garbage bin. This also helps teach children to be conscious of the waste they create and it saves you money in the long-run!

When you buy your smart reusable swaps from the amazing brands on Givalry through this FTA campaign link, 25% of every purchase will go towards our student subsidy fund for the 2018-2019 school year. 

With the subsidy, we aim to reach 300 grades 4-12 students with our message to reduce fashion waste with our 7Rs of Fashion framework. (Here’s a link to the workshops, too, if you’re curious.)

Here are some amazing items that you can use for your #LitterlessLunches everyday!

Stainless Steel bottles!

Plastic water bottles and juice containers cause a lot of waste. Pick up a reusable S’well or S’ip water bottle at Givalry! Keep your drinks the same temperature for hours and avoid condensation with these fashionable bottles.

Just say no!

To plastic straws that is! Not just a lunch time perpetrator straws are some of theworst villains for clogging up the oceans and putting aquatic wildlife at risk. Popping a stainless steel straw into your kiddos lunch box not only means less waste but also that they’re never without a trusty sipping tool! We are loving U Konserve version of the reusable straw. All products their are made with stainless steel, glass, and durable plastic built to last.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Dans Le Sac offers reusable cloth bags for you sandwich and bread items! These products are 100% cotton and 100% waste free! Plus the super light fabric allows bread to breathe preventing the soggy slices we all know and hate.

Break up with plastic baggies!

Instead of packaging snacks in plastic zip bags, try these Goodbyn products! Goodbyn encourages people to think about preparing food on-the-go. All products are made of 100% recyclable, BPA-free plastic and created with the intention of ending lunchtime waste.

Fork, spoons, and tools!

Reusable? Check. Compact? Check. Adorable? Double check.  Made out of organic bamboo the utensils at Bambu are a perfect friend for lunch time salads, yogurts, and really anything else you can scoop. Fear not, equipped with reusable utensils and let’s be honest, their little fingers, your munchkins’ have got lunch under control.

Waste-Free Food Storage

Say goodbye to plastic baggies and plastic wrap! Wrap up your leftover food and cover open bowls or cans with Abeego, a reusable beeswax wrap that can be easily rinsed and reused for over a year. At the end of your Abeego’s life, it’s biodegradable!

As with every fall season there will definitely be a fair share of stressful moments, lunch packaging simply won’t be one of them.

Happy 2018/2019 school year from the My Clothes My World team!

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