Last minute holiday gifts, sourced locally (in Toronto)

By choosing local over big-box, you’ll be supporting your neighbours whilst also finding unique gifts that are both convenient and more sustainable given their closer proximity to you.

Often, the most thoughtful gifts are hard to find. And when you’re short on time, it can be hard to avoid the convenience of “best seller” sections of big-box retailers’ websites. But in these difficult times, it’s evermore important to support small, local retailers and fortunately, many of those hard-to-find gifts can actually be sourced locally! By choosing local over big-box, you’ll be supporting your neighbours whilst also finding unique gifts that are both convenient and more sustainable given their closer proximity to you. 

We have listed several unique gift options below, all sourced from different parts of Toronto! And given the current lockdown restrictions, all of our selections have local delivery and/or curbside pick-up options available. 

This gift guide features one-stop-shops with gifts for all ages, and includes specialty stores at the end.

One-Size-Fits-All Gifts


Books are always thoughtful gifts, especially when your selections are tailored to a person’s particular interests. Whether you pick a coffee table book full of beautiful images for the creative person in your life, or a non-fiction read for the history buff, the gift of a book will be sure to bring some joy this holiday season.


Moonbeam Books are sorted by age group and have everything from children books to the classics. And bonus, they also sell toys!


Another Story specializes in books on social justice and diversity, offering books for both children and adults with stories that haven’t been told enough. 

Danforth, Beaches, Bloor West & Deer Park: 

Book City will have every category of book you can think of, from hobby, to classics, to indie, and of course, bestsellers!


You can’t go wrong with eco-friendly gifts! What could be better than receiving a gift that you can feel good about using?

High Park: 

Pretty Clean Shop is a general store, with everything from beauty products, to hair and body care, to toys, games, books, clothing, and even stationary! 


Likely General sells luxury clothing, jewelry, art, and homewares. They also carry holiday cards and other gift sets! 


Urban Bulk & Refill is not only a zero-waste shop for your daily needs but they also sell handcrafted goods! Christmas ornaments, tote bags, snacks and candy make for gifts that anyone would love.

Gifts By Category and Age Group

For your little ones:


Little Peeps sells handmade children’s toys and clothing. Their cute and high quality products can be cherished for a long time! 

Queen West: 

Mini Mioche sells ethically and locally-made children’s clothing. Their clothes are made with soft, organic cotton, and non-toxic dyes to keep your little ones safe and comfy.

For your not-so-little ones: 

Coffee, Tea and Alcohol Enthusiasts: 

Bloor West Village: 

Coffee Tree has been roasting beans from all over the world since 1988. They also pride themselves on sustainable sourcing! 

The Junction & Roncesvalles, respectively: 

The People’s Pint and Bandit Brewery are both popular local breweries. They brew and sell craft beers, with a variety inspired by North American and European cities – great for the travellers in your life!

Clean Beauty: 

The Annex: 

Good Goddess is a dairy and gluten-free skincare company. Their line includes serums, face masks and other beauty products, all infused with plant-based magic. 

Queen West: 

Helen and Hildegard specialize in beauty products infused with tea and botanical extracts. They carry make-up, skincare and essential oils. They also sell other gift-worthy products like jewelry and ceramics. 

Carleton Village: 

Twenty-Seven is a hair studio! They include both luxurious and affordable haircare products, as well as natural beauty products.

Sustainable Clothing & Home Decor: 

Little Portugal: 

Good Habits sells locally-designed, retro-inspired homeware. They also curate vintage clothing! 

Little Portugal: 

Rose City Goods specializes in retro home decor, including rugs, ceramics, apothecary and art. They also sell jewelry! 


Coffee and Clothing sells coffee and curated, unisex, vintage clothing!  


Riverside Flower Shop sells arrangement, house plants and pots. Perfect for the green thumb in your life! 

Junction Triangle: 

Urban Gardener is a houseplant haven, carrying everything from tiny plants, to giant plants, to pet-friendly plants! They also sell planters and other green decor.

We hope we’ve made your last minute holiday shopping a little easier! Happy Holidays from the FTA team!

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