Selling It Forward – Using Creative Passion to Support A Circular Economy

Fashion Takes Action is excited to share the launch of a new platform that not only champions the reduction of waste and the reuse of materials but also supports organizations (including FTA!) that are working to help the planet and the beings who live here.

We met Janelle at WEAR and were excited to hear about her newest creative venture which  bridges hers her love of art and the environment with her most impassioned creation yet – GiveRise.

Launched out of Janelle’s desire to use her passion – art – as a way to create change, GiveRise, first and foremost, is an ecommerce platform where anything can be sold, with proceeds benefiting a nonprofit.

Sellers can choose the portion of the sale that they want to donate to the cause of their choice.

In addition, nonprofit partners can set up their own online store where they can sell items to fundraise for their organization – virtually across Canada, all year-round. 

But Janelle’s hope is that GiveRise also becomes a community – a place where like-minded creatives, activists and empaths can come together to use their passions for good.  

Thrift For a Cause

GiveRise was created out of Janelle’s love of art. But it was also created out of her love for a specific form of art: fashion. As someone who has always appreciated fashion, she was mortified to discover some of the negative impacts that the industry has on people and our planet. The more she learned, the more she wanted to help. 

FTA is thrilled to be supported through this innovative platform – a circular solution to waste – and grateful to sellers who feel passionate about supporting our work through their sales on the platform. Click here to check out some of the listings that are available on GiveRise now, that will support FTA this Giving Tuesday!

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