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OCT 7-8​ 2019

WEAR Conference 2019

Oct 7-8, 2019 - Toronto

Purpose meets Progress

Since 2014, the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable has brought together the entire fashion industry to learn, network and collaborate. Our intimate platform allows for meaningful connections, deeper learning opportunities, and a clear sense of how to take action.

How to buy clothes that last

Overwhelmed – the feeling many of us feel when we go shopping. There are too many brands selling too many styles, resulting in too many items to choose from. We therefore find ourselves facing hard choices about what to buy. This is where my checklist comes in to save the day.

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Introducing ChangeRoom: A sustainable fashion marketplace for the conscious Canadian

Are you a sustainable Canadian fashion brand that wants to increase exposure to a like-minded audience? Or a sustainably minded consumer that wants to easily shop for sustainable apparel? Then this new marketplace is for you! #Ad This piece was created in partnership with ChangeRoom. It has been published without a paid partnership and instead to increase awareness of the marketplace.

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