Session 3 – Building Your Brand with Purpose

Nov 30 2021 

PART 1: PANEL 12pm – 1pm EST

Create authentic connections with your customers through the intentional practice and expression of purpose, meaning, relevance and transparency. Hear from three Canadian trailblazers as they share how their success journey grew from building a purposeful brand. Learn how they mapped their path and how they continually work to create value in the world through their stories and collections.

PART 2: WORKSHOP 1pm – 2pm EST

Activate your learning from the panel to identify your business’s unique brand proposition and story. Apply the principles, discuss key concepts, and start to craft your own brand strategy for building a stronger, more sustainable brand. Led by: Public Inc


Brand Strategy Workbook will guide you through a deep evaluation of your business to help you articulate and consistently express its meaning, its appeal and its inherent value to customers. 

Custom resources created by Moda Circolare.

Part 1

Mary Young
Public Inc.

Part 2

Public Inc.

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