In 2016, FTA set out to making fashion circular in Canada. We first introduced this topic at our annual WEAR conference in plenary sessions and two half day labs. The latter was facilitated by the Recycling Council of Ontario and attended by multiple stakeholders – retailers, municipalities, charities, industry associations, textile collectors, NGOs and academics. This was the first time such a diverse group participated in a multi-stakeholder discussion on this topic. The findings from these workshops formed the basis of what would eventually become the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative (OTDC). In 2017 we received provincial funding to host a series of labs as part of a phase 1 collective impact approach to systemic change.

And from 2018 – 2020 the OTDC, with more than 30 stakeholders formed 4 working groups to address textile diversion, through a collective impact framework. These working groups included policy & legislation, data & research, and public awareness via an advertising campaign across Ontario with a print, digital and outdoor media buy aimed at helping Ontario residents understand that no textiles belong in the garbage.

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