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Celebrating 15 Years

Fashion Takes Action (FTA) is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to advance sustainability in the entire fashion system through education, awareness, research and collaboration. That means we work with the people who make, sell, buy, wear, resell and dispose/recycle clothing! We achieve this through industry programs such as our annual WEAR Conference, our work to advance circularity, our Employee Education workshops, and our Sustainable Fashion Toolkit. For citizens, we offer My Clothes My World – our youth education program that empowers the next generation with the necessary tools and resources to shift toward more conscious consumption. We believe in progress over perfection, and that collectively we must all do our part in taking action!

Postponed until May 2021

WEAR Conference

We are glad to back in conference mode after having spent the past 2 years hosting our WEAR webinar series.

We decided to split up our annual WEAR conference this year into two seasons and held our first fully virtual WEAR conference on May 10, and our hybrid event in Toronto on Oct. 6- 7. 

Since 2014, the annual World Ethical Apparel Roundtable has brought together the entire fashion industry to learn, network and collaborate. Our intimate platform allows for meaningful connections, deeper learning opportunities, and a clear sense of how to take action. Over 2 days global experts share …

Youth Education

Since 2014, we have delivered our school program to more than 30,000 students aged 8-17. We believe Fashion Leaders are Climate Leaders and that through a fun and relatable topic like fashion, students can learn about the climate change.

Our workshops empower the next generation of consumers to make more responsible purchasing decisions when it comes to their clothes.

The Sustainable Fashion Toolkit

A free online platform that features hundreds of vetted,  credible resources from global organizations that have been summarized and categorized. This is an important time saving resource that includes reports, guidelines, standards, articles, podcasts, case studies and more.  We regularly update the Toolkit with new resources. 

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Circular Collaboration

We believe in the power of real collaboration to address systemic change. As the convenor of the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative we brought together multiple stakeholders, each with unique challenges and perspectives, in a collective impact framework to address textile waste diversion, reuse and recycling. Our work continues on a national level, working with apparel brands, retailers, academics, NGOs, policy makers, charities, sorters & graders, exporters, and municipalities to mobilize and accelerate action.

Knowledge Is Power

Once you’ve learned something, you can’t unlearn it. Once you see something, you can’t unsee it. Since 2007 we have worked hard to educate industry stakeholders, as well as consumers about the social and environmental impacts of fashion.

  • We buy 60% more clothing today than we did 20 years ago
  • Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned
  • Sweatshops, forced and child labour still exists
  • Synthetic clothes shed trillions of microfibers into our rivers, lakes and oceans


In 15 years we have made tremendous progress!

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Number of global industry stakeholders we have worked with

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The amount of textile waste diverted through stewardship activities & events

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Number of students reached with My Clothes, My World


There are many ways to reduce your fashion footprint, beyond the 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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