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Buy Nothing Day

It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid ads about Black Friday, but at FTA we’re on a mission to accelerate conscious consumerism, so we remain focused on supporting and promoting Buy Nothing Day!

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What’s in a label?

This Life Cycle of a T-Shirt video may be from 2017, but the story it tells is still incredibly important in helping us understand where our clothes come from and what happens to them when we’re done with them. Fast fashion brands lure us in with low prices and new styles, enticing us to buy far more than we need, leading to increasing amounts of textile waste in the landfill each year.

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Fashion Takes Action signs onto the Just Recovery initiative

Hundreds of organizations have endorsed the Principles of a Just Recovery, signalling their agreement that we cannot just go back to “business as usual” following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Just Recovery initiative is dedicated to building a movement that puts people first, recognizing that “business as usual” is built on colonialism, human rights abuses, social inequity, ecological degradation, and climate change.

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The Problem With Microfibres

Our addiction to fast fashion and synthetics like polyester, acrylic, nylon and spandex, is contributing to global water pollution by shedding millions of invisible microfibres. What can the average person do about this?

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by Leanne Delap, May 25, 2020 Over the next few weeks, we’re publishing stories that explore how retailers, salons and businesses are planning to reopen and the measures they’re taking to

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FTA is Making Fashion Circular

In recent years there has been some great progress in the fashion industry, particularly around circular fashion. Thanks to the efforts of global initiatives like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make

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The Rise of Resale

by Alexia Khan The fashion industry’s penchant for cheap mass-produced clothing has some serious consequences for the environment, and marginalized communities throughout the world. According to the UN Environment Programme,

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