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When it comes to recycling our waste, we typically think of plastic bottles, coffee cups and other food and beverage packaging. Articles of clothing are not often considered recyclable items

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7 Rs for sustainable fashion

Use these recommendations to create a wardrobe that feels as great as it looks. Is building a more sustainable wardrobe one of your goals for 2019? Perhaps you want to

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With December full of holiday events, work parties and family gatherings, it’s a perfect time to incorporate the RENT rule. Many consumers are conscious of budget during this season, and

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Behind the Seams with Brave Soles

For this edition of Behind the Seams, we caught up with Christal Earle of Brave Soles, a female owned, ethically produced and globally inspired footwear and accessories brand out of

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The 7R’s of Fashion begin with REDUCE, the first and by far most important rule! Global fashion consumption is so out of control that in order to meet consumer demand,

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Buy Nothing Day

The holiday season is fast approaching and the mall madness has already begun, so we would like to bring awareness to our society’s overconsumption by celebrating Buy Nothing Day. This

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Behind the Seams with Zen Nomad

Zen Nomad is committed to using sustainably sourced, high quality fabrics with low impact dyes. Some limited edition items are even hand dyed with plants they often harvest themselves. Every

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