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Online thrifting in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of our lives, including how we shop for fashion. Our habits have been forced to change considerably as we have had to make the shift from in-person to online shopping. And thrifting has had to adapt too. For online thrifting tips in the time of COVID-19, read on!

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A sustainable fashion search engine for the conscious consumer

Introducing the Ethical Clothing Search Engine. Ethical Clothing was founded by Ben Heinkel – a serial entrepreneur whose previous ventures include an organic clothing brand and a fashion tech startup – and Jack Hesketh – a researcher and writer focused on the fashion and textile industries. They founded Ethical Clothing to make the daunting task of sourcing sustainable fashion easier for consumers, by doing the work of weeding out the most ethical clothing brands themselves… and the result? Their search engine.

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Dear everyone owning more than 50 articles of clothing…

We normally turn to self-help books, gym memberships and professional development courses but we suggest starting 2021 on a different foot. Close those self-help books and open your closets, because a closet cleanse may be just what you need for a stress-free year and a more sustainable fashion industry. Now that’s a win win!

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2020 Impact Report

Fashion Takes Action has worked hard to fulfil its mission in 2020, despite a global pandemic. Our commitment to advancing sustainability in the fashion industry remains strong and has allowed us to continue making an impact. We have much to be proud of. Thank you to our incredible network of industry partners and friends for your collaboration and support in making this work possible!

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Is vegan leather really more sustainable?

Vegan leather offers consumers the option to support animal welfare and sustainability, without compromising on style, and all at an affordable price. But what are the various kinds of synthetic leathers really made of? And are they really more sustainable than the traditional leather alternative? To answer these questions, we must first explore the environmental impacts of traditional leather.

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Thrifting for Trends

Fashion trends are circular, with so many styles from the past being repeated years, or sometimes decades later. Vintage design aesthetics often inspire new generations of designers and stylists to incorporate retro elements into their looks. The older garments that inspire these trends are often still in circulation. And tracking them down is a great way to keep your style up to date – at a fraction of the cost – and with much less of an environmental footprint than buying something new. Here are three retro-inspired trends you can source second-hand, and ideas for how to style them.

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Buy Nothing Day

It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid ads about Black Friday, but at FTA we’re on a mission to accelerate conscious consumerism, so we remain focused on supporting and promoting Buy Nothing Day!

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What’s in a label?

This Life Cycle of a T-Shirt video may be from 2017, but the story it tells is still incredibly important in helping us understand where our clothes come from and what happens to them when we’re done with them. Fast fashion brands lure us in with low prices and new styles, enticing us to buy far more than we need, leading to increasing amounts of textile waste in the landfill each year.

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Fashion Takes Action signs onto the Just Recovery initiative

Hundreds of organizations have endorsed the Principles of a Just Recovery, signalling their agreement that we cannot just go back to “business as usual” following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Just Recovery initiative is dedicated to building a movement that puts people first, recognizing that “business as usual” is built on colonialism, human rights abuses, social inequity, ecological degradation, and climate change.

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