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This is why sustainable fashion matters

Sustainable fashion used to have a, let’s call it, crunchy connotation. It conjured images of rough fabrics, patchwork techniques and unsophisticated styling, making it more faux pas than fashion. In recent years,

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Behind the Seams with Olive+Elliot

Tell us about your brand – your vision, mission, guiding principles.  olive+elliot is working to bring the Textile Industry back to Canada. We believe in the strength and potential of

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Let’s talk Swap!

We are all guilty of opening our closet to reveal a wardrobe full of clothes only to say “I have nothing to wear.” So what do we do? Fill a

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The 7 R’s for Fashion Lovers

If you’re a Fashion Lover and you’re serious about caring for our Planet, this is for you! It used to be that there were 2 cycles in the fashion calendar

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Sustainable fashion gets a new look

Long dismissed as fashion’s dowdy cousin, sustainable clothing is making a comeback among both global brands and local indie designers on the eve of Earth Day. Ecoholic columnist Adria Vasil

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Ethical shopping: Five ways to buy right

MICHELLE MCQUIGGE, THE CANADIAN PRESS  04.28.2014 Shoppers looking to put their money where their heart is should educate themselves about their shopping decisions. The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in

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