Session 2 – Circular Fashion

May 24 2022 

PART 1: PANEL 12pm – 1pm EST

Gain a deeper understanding of what circular fashion means and how you can work toward  achieving this within your business – from implementing reduced / zero waste design to repair, reuse and renewal. It’s time to tackle the fact that the equivalent to one garbage truck worth of clothing is landfilled or incinerated every second of every day!

PART 2: WORKSHOP 1pm – 2pm EST

Dive deeper into the topic of circularity by exploring various circular business models and start to develop circular goals for your business. Led by: Gwen Cunningham from Amsterdam’s Circle Economy.


Included in the Spring Workbook c/o Circular Economy


Part 1

Queen of Raw
KenDor Textiles
WS & Co

Part 2

Circle Economy

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