Session 1 – Fashion & Diversity

Apr 26 2022 


Each season begins with a high-value networking session connecting you to leading experts in the industry. In this one-hour session, you will have 3 opportunities to spend 15 minutes with an expert in an intimate breakout setting. New experts every season. 

PART 2: WORKSHOP 1pm – 2pm EST

We all participate in the fashion economy. Everyone makes sartorial choices each day – no matter how nominal or grand. Our bodies are consistently wrapped up in the ‘social skin’ of clothing and accessories and as such clothes and how we adorn our bodies is essential to how we (re)present ourselves in the world and in turn how we are read, perceived and interacted with.During this workshop, designers will learn how you can achieve a holistic client-centred, socially responsible sustainability within your business through a multidimensional approach to design that responds to concepts of identity, culture, the body, accessibility, environmental, and social justice. Using an anti-oppressive framework that centres body justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, designers will be challenged to rethink how they fashion bodies, which bodies they cater to through their designs and which bodies are routinely marginalized and left out of the consumer experience. By examining various case studies from the fashion industry and social media, Body Confidence Canada will unfold the proven economic potential and social impact of creating fashion for all!


To be announced.

Part 1

Black Designers of Canada
Hudson’s Bay
Toronto Fashion Incubator
Sister Merci + Neon Taffy
Retail Resource Partners Inc.
Citizen Brand  

Part 2

Body Confidence Canada
Body Confidence Canada

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